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Interested in joining the NECTC?

It's easy to join & compete in the NECTC. Here are the few simple steps:

1. In order to race in the NECTC and be considered for Nationals, you must be an official USAT Club and your club must be recognized by your school. The cost of USAT club registration is $50. Half of your registration fee will go directly to a collegiate fund to develop and grow collegiate racing conferences.

2. Let us know you exist! Drop a line to with your team name, captain and website (if available) and we will start the process of registering you with the conference. Every registered team will be asked to maintain a roster through the captains page of the NECTC website and have at least one representative on the NECTC Board googlegroup. The roster should be filled out prior to the season each year and updated when new individuals are added mid-season prior to allowing them to register for races.

3. Individual team members will need to be members of USAT ($45) to race in any of the NECTC races, or they must purchase a one-day license at each event ($12). USAT membership only takes about 5 minutes and you can print off a temporary license. In addition to being a requirement to qualify for USAT Collegiate Nationals, USAT membership gives you some extra bonuses such as USAT rankings and it saves you money at USAT sanctioned events. 

Join NECTC Captains Mailing List

The NECTC Captains and Board mailing list is an e-mail list for communication amongst the NECTC team captains, team representatives and the NECTC Executive Board. We encourage at least two responsible members of your team to join the list, as many important announcements and discussions take place on this list. If you have trouble joining the group, email to add you directly.

NECTC Board of Directors

James Petersen

Conference Director



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