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Fall 2018 Results

Overall Standings

Individual Race Results

Top 10 Males
Top 10 Males

1. Matthew Guenter (Penn State)

2. Thatcher Shepard (West Point)

3. Alexandre Pelletier (UMass)

4. Wolfgang Drake (West Point)

5. Blake Rhymes (West Point)

6. Colin Fenster (USCGA)

7. Hunter Cochran (West Point)

8. John Boase (West Point)

9. Jeffrey Aldrich (Penn State)


10. Thomas Batt (West Point)

Past Year Results

Scoring Method

1. Sprints award 100 points, olympics award 150 and the championship awards 200

2. For team and individual "Overall Standings" your top three race scores count towards your total score.

3. For male and female team scoring, it is your top 4 athletes that add to your total "male team" and "female team" scores. The remainder of your athletes displace other athletes. There are no maximum displacements. Tie breaker is which team had the highest scoring male for male team, or highest scoring female for female team. 

4. For "Overall Team" scoring at a specific race, you total the male and female team score. Tie breaker is who had the highest scoring top male and female combined. 

5. For all team scoring, teams are scored at each individual race and then allocated that races specific amount of points allotted. For example, if your male team wins a sprint race they will be awarded 100 points for that race. 

6. End of year tie breakers will be decided by who had the better performance in the championship race. If neither competed in the championship race then it will be the best olympic scoring performance, and finally the best sprint race performance. 

Top 10 Females

1. Hannah White (West Point)

2. Payton Boylston (West Point) 

3. Madeline Margevicius (Penn State) 

4. Anders Broussard (Northeastern) 


5. Hailey Conger (West Point)

6. Lauren Demarco (UConn) 

7. Erin Wheeler (Northeastern) 

8. Rylie Fry (West Point)

9. Olivia Johnson (West Point)

10. Kathryn Harris (West Point) 



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