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Lobsterman Triathlon and a Lobsterbake

This year the Lobsterman Triathlon was much different than lasts. The current in the swim was non-existent as the tide was at a different time this year, but the heat and hills on the run more than made up for the time gained. With the clouds cleared, the temperature hit 90 when athletes hit the run portion of the race, and the final run times showed it.

Nevertheless, today was full of great racing. Boston University was able to take 1st and 3rd overall on the male side with Nick Wendal (BU) the overall winner, and Nick Smith (BU) coming in third. However, USCGA had the most consistent team effort, finishing with five athletes in the top twenty which led them to an overall victory. MIT led by Justin Bandoro (MIT) was able to finish off the podium in third overall.

An tight race between Harvard and UCONN for fourth place came down to only a twelve point difference. Kyle McElroy (Harvard) was able to hold off Andrew Pantason (UCONN) who made a late chase in the run. Harvard’s Samir Faza, and Joon Yang can also take some credit by finishing a tough race and giving their team points they desperately needed.

On the female side Taylor Fogg (Columbia) was a runaway winner by about four minutes. Fogg had the fastest bike split of the day with a 1:13:06. And even though she was the only female from Columbia to compete, she single handedly led her team to a 7th place finish, giving Columbia 40 omnium points towards the season standings.

On the team side, Boston University were on the top of their game, scoring nearly double the amount of points as the second place team. Boston University had five of the top 10 finishers including: Natalie Tukan (2), Carolyn Harper (5), Ellen Witkowski (6), Stephanie Lie (7), and Tess Timmes (8). Northeastern finished in second with 276 points led by Marissa Santos whom finished in 12th overall.

The UVM ladies continued their spectacular season by finishing in third overall and maintaining their first overall position this season. Riley Lantz (UVM) was once again their lead lady finishing third overall and holding her own first place individual standing in the conference. On the male end, Brian Melly (UCONN) takes over first place individual male in the season standings, kicking out his teammate Karim Mabrouk.

Next weekend’s race at Atlantic City has been awarded 150 points overall, and is bound to make all the difference in this seasons overall standings. All the weapons will be revealed and points will be awarded to the best! Bring your A game next week!

- James Petersen

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