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Keenan and Groton Take Early W's

West Point kicked off the NECTC season today by becoming the first conference team to host a conference race just a day after hosting a youth triathlon. On the grounds of Camp Buckner, West Point claimed both male and female team victories.

On the male side Andrew Keenan (Drexel) led from the start and never looked back. He took a 1+ minute lead out of the water, extended it to 5+ minutes on the bike, and finished it off with a near 6 minute victory in a time of 1:06:11. Wolfgang Drake (West Point) took second in a time of 1:11:50, and Remington Ponce-Pore (West Point) wrapped up the podium in 1:12:25.

Teresa Groton (West Point) stole the show on the female side with a 7+ minute victory. The story was much of the same for Groton as she posted the fastest split in all three segments and transitions. She takes the early season standings lead with the win in a time of 1:13:07. Anders Broussard (Northeastern) took second place by separating herself on the bike from third place finisher Hannah White (West Point). Broussard and White finished in 1:20:42 and 1:22:45 respectively.

See full results here

Male Individual

1. Andrew Keenan (Drexel) 1:06:11

2. Wofgang Drake (West Point) 1:11:50

3. Remington Ponce-Pore (West Point) 1:12:25

Female Individual

1. Teresa Groton (West Point) 1:13:07

2. Anders Broussard (Northeastern) 1:20:42

3. Hannah White (West Point) 1:22:45

Male Team

1. West Point 378pts

2. Northeastern 312pts

3. USMMA 306pts

Female Team

1. West Point 378pts

2. Northeastern 266pts

3. Bentley 178pts

Combined Team

1. West Point 756pts

2. Northeastern 578pts

3. Bentley 408pts

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