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Battle on the Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Triathlon was the race awarded the most points for the NECTC season standings this year. Handling the collegiate championship is no easy task, and the race did not hold up to expectations. A time trial start, crowded bike course with age groupers from two different races, and a single file bike lane for the last half mile are just a few of the issues encountered. All in all the race took the collegiate race feel right out of it, as no one was 100% sure where they were in the race. Despite the conditions, the NECTC raced with class and made the best out of unfortunate circumstances.

Boston University won the female team race with 743 points, therefore earning the full 150 omnium points. Ellen Witkowski, Stephanie Lie, and Tess Timmes led BU finishing in 6th, 7th, and 8th respectively. Army pulled out second place with strong performances by Angelica Dickson, and Catherine Sedy. An unfortunate DQ from Mackenzie Williams held Army back from putting up a fight with BU. In third, UVM continued their successful season led by Riley Lantz, who now stands alone at number one individual female in the conference. Lantz has earned 331 points so far out of a possible 350, and has been the conference number one four weeks running.

Army was able to outrun PSU to finish first overall in the male team category. Dylan Morgan led Army and finished in 1:45:43 with the second fastest overall time on the day. Bradely Bachand, and Jacob Slife also finished in the top ten, 5th and 9th respectively. PSU was led by standout Jason West who was today’s overall winner in a time of 1:39:16. PSU’s number two and three finished in 11th and 12th respectively. UConn continued their solid season with a third place overall finish led by Karim Mabrouk who finished in 7th overall, and Brian Melly who finished in 13th.

Going into the last race of the season UConn is in first for the males with 290pts. BU is in first for the females with 340 points. Watch out for Army on the male side who will be competing in their third race of the season. On the female side, BU is now out of reach for anyone trying to race for first, the females will now race for 2nd and 3rd.

- James Petersen

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