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Team Spotlight - University of Vermont

As part of a new series of articles on the NECTC news page, we will be highlighting different teams in the conference with their own article. The first rendition of this series begins with our northern most member, the University of Vermont (UVM). UVM’s female team went on quite the run this season finishing 3rd overall in the team standings, led by standout Riley Lantz. The male team also moved up this season cracking the top 10. UVM is a team on the rise and a staple representative of the NECTC. Below is an insight to the UVM Triathlon Club brought to you by team president, Hannah Feinberg.

"Energetic, intelligent, athletic, and passionate are just a few of the adjectives I’d use to describe the University of Vermont Triathlon Club. We are one of the smaller, yet more successful clubs on campus. We have about 15-20 active members of all abilities. We have seasoned veterans who compete at the national and world level, Ironman finishers, retired Division 1 athletes, and enthusiastic first timers. No matter your ability, you are welcomed in our club!

Our club is not a varsity sport at UVM and therefore is generously funded by the University of Vermont’s Student Government Association. The only financial commitment to being in our club is paying a $40 fee per race you enter. The $40 covers everything in the weekend except for your food. We are responsible for fundraising a partial amount of our allotted budget each year so we are all active members in the community. Our biggest fundraiser is the “24 Hour Bike Ride” where we set up trainers and rollers on Church Street and always have 2-3 athletes riding their bikes for 24 hours.

Our team is one of the few clubs on campus who operates without a coach. We have occasional group workouts but do the majority of our training solo or in small groups. Living in Burlington, VT, we have beautiful mountains to bike over (easy recovery rides do not exist in BTV), pristine lakes to swim in, and gorgeous paths or trails to run on.

We are very active on social media. To keep up to date with what we’re doing you can like us on Facebook at ‘University of Vermont Triathlon Club’ and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at ‘@UVMTriathlon’.

In 2014, we had our most successful season to date. The UVM ladies ended the season on the podium for third place in the NECTC! The men finished with a solid tenth place. We will be sending 7 athletes to Clemson, South Carolina for nationals."

- Hannah Feinberg

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