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2015 NECTC Indoor Time Trial

The first annual NECTC Indoor Time Trial is only a week away. Collegiate athletes from all around New England will gather at Fast: Splits in Needham, Massachusettes to show off their winter season form. Fast: Splits recently moved from Newton, MA and are sporting a new state of the art studio with a setup of 24 computrainers. Here athletes will compete against a stacked field for the (not so coveted because no one knows about it) NECTC ITT Winner's Trophy! That's right, there will be trophies for the overall winners!


Want to learn more about Fast: Splits? Go to for more info or read here.

Fast: Splits Multisport is New England's pre-eminent multisport retailer. We founded the business in 2003 and dedicated our strategy to serving the equipment, service, and performance training needs of endurance athletes. We are well-established in this market with a long history of serving multisport clients.

We are multisport junkies ourselves, and will help you equip and prepare yourself for competition at all distances in triathlon, duathlon, and other ultra endurance sports. Just ask...our staff has raced at just about every distance!

Our performance products are hand selected from vendors that we ride, race, and wear ourselves. We are always scouting innovative products and services that will prepare our clients to train more productively, race faster, and grow in our sport.

The performance testing, 24-bike Ride studio, and personalized coaching services are staffed by those you can reference and trust. If you train and race in New England, then you probably know us already. So whether you are a beginner or hard-core enthusiast, we have something for you...and we stand behind our guarantee too.

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