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Race Recap: Challenge Maine

Another great race for the NECTC. At 7am this morning NECTC athtletes jumped into the Atlantic to test each others abilities. The big story on the day has to be the dual between the University of Conneticut and the United States Coast Guard Academy. Both teams were in full swing finishing right on top of each other. UConn's Chris Mullhall led the way in 4th, followed by USCGA's Sam Roets in 5th, UConn's Kyle Hall in 6th, and USCGA's Matt Chapman in 7th. But it was USGA's Bryce Matakas and Brandon Books who were able to seal the deal takings 10th and 11th respectively to lead USCGA to a ever so slight win over UConn.

The female race went exactly as planned in the race preview, with the defending champs, Boston University sweeping up the podium and starting off their season with a cool 150 points.

Our top individual finishers:

Male Individual:

1. David Demres (Harvard)

2. Dan Meehan (Slippery Rock)

3. Dakotra Greenblatt (UVM)

Female Individual:

1. Natalie Tukan

2. Ellen Witkowski

3. Stephanie Lie

See the full results here: Results

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