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Race Recap: Cranberry Trifest

The NECTC season kicked off full of surprises! I'll admit, the favorites and my race preview were quite wrong, which tends to happen in the first race of the year. First off, most of my favorites ended up not attending the race, which left the podium positions up for grabs and points to be had.

On the female side it was Jenny Seuling (Bentley) who made the most of the opportunity. After coming out of the water in second, she posted the 12th fastest bike split of the day, but fell back to third to start the run. From there she overcame a good thirty-plus second deficit and passed Hailey Conger (West Point) and Anna Shveshkeyev (BU) who finished second and third respectively. This is Sueling's first overall victory and put her in first in the conference standings.

It was the West Point ladies who would steal the team challenge however, winning by 68 points over their closest competitor. Northeastern and USCGA fought neck and neck for second overall, but it was Northeastern led by Kayla Joyal whom would prevail by beating out Skye Jensen of USCGA by 15 seconds and topping USCGA by just 4 points.

The male race was all West Point, finishing with 8 of the top 10 males and 388 points, which is the max amount of points that could be earned. West Point was led by Nick Chatel who won the race overall in a time of 1:12:19, beating out fellow teammates Peter Hetzel (1:13:02) and Dylan Varrato (1:14:06). The male team podium was rounded by Northeastern at 316 points and Bentley at 254 points. Northeastern finished with 4 in the top 17, and Bentley was led by Pete Taglino who finished 12th overall.

See Full Results HERE

Female Individual:

Jenny Seuling (Bentley)

Hailey Conger (West Point)

Anna Shveshkey (BU)

Male Individual:

Nick Chatel (West Point)

Peter Hetzel (West Point)

Dylan Varrato (West Point)

Female Team:

West Point 356pts

Northeastern 288pts

USCGA 284pts

Male Team:

West Point 388pts

Northeastern 216pts

Bentley 254pts

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