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Race Recap: Rev3 Maine

Another great race this year in Maine showed off some of last year's top talent, along with some new arrivals to the top of our season standings.

In the female race Drexel's Meghan Smith dominated the field by nearly 4 minutes. With Lake George and Westchester left on her schedule, it will be hard fought for anyone to take the title of NECTC Season Champion away from her. The BU ladies continued their multi-year dominance with Ellen Witkowski and Stephanie Lie finishing 2-3 respectively. However, it was the UConn ladies taking the female team victory with finishes in 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th, and a total of 522 points. Lauren Cenci of UConn led that charge in 5th with a total time of 2:33:13.

The male race panned out as predicted in the race preview. Andrew Keenan (Drexel) led by just over a minute out of the swim, with Spencer Ralston (Saint Mike's) in second. By the end of the bike leg Ralston had closed the gap entirely with the fastest bike split of the day of 59 minutes flat. With a faster transition, Ralston led slightly to start the run, and was able to pull away. Ralston took the collegiate victory and third overall in a time of 1:58:33. Keenan followed in 2:00:33. In third was Dakota Greenblatt (UVM) in 2:12:41.

The male team race came down to Drexel and UConn. Drexel was able to edge out UConn by only 6 points, which is 2 positions. The two places Drexel won important duels where Jonathon Joyce (Drexel) outrunning Kyle Hall (UConn) for 4th overall, and Shayne Watson (Drexel) edging Colin Miller (UConn) by less than a minute for 20th overall.

UConn's strong performance on both the male and female side gave them the overall team victory with a score of 1008. In second was USCGA with 936, and in third was Northeastern with 909.

See full results here

Male Overall:

Spencer Ralston (Saint Mike's)

Andrew Keenan (Drexel)

Dakota Greenblatt (UVM)

Female Overall

Meghan Smith (Drexel)

Ellen Witkowski (BU)

Stephanie Lie (BU)

Male Team:

1. Drexel 492pts

2. UConn 486pts

3. USCGA 447pts

Female Team:

1. UConn 522pts

2. BU 495pts

3. USCGA 489pts

Overall Team:

1. UConn 1008pts

2. USCGA 936pts

3. Northeastern 909pts

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