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Buzzard's Bay: Race Recap

Westport, MA brought some wind to the ocean shore along with some rough waters to start things off, but after athletes fought through a tough swim they were rewarded with an amazing course that is the Buzzard's Bay Triathlon.

The true story behind this race was the amazing amount of participation and newcomers to the conference. Dartmouth, Roger Williams, Wheaton, and more had tremendous showings, and over 130 collegiate athletes raced.

In the male race Matthew Schiller (Columbia) put together the strongest swim/bike combo of the day. However, Nick Chatel (West Point) was not far behind, and has a very strong run leg. In the end Schiller was able to hold off Chatel by a narrow margin of 5 seconds. Columbia's Benjamin 1:03:21.

Stephan Mais (Northeastern) finished in 5th overall to remain 3rd in the season standings, and Fabian Stocek (Dartmouth) made his season debut with a 7th place finish.

The male team race was very tight with Columbia finishing 1st, 3rd, and 6th overall, and West Point finishing 2nd, 4th, and 8th overall. Columbia had a slight lead at this point, but it was West Point's Paul O'Donnell's 10th place finish that sealed the victory for the Black Knights, beating out Columbia's Jeremy Sherman in 21st overall. West Point took the male victory over Columbia 360 to 346.

The female race came down to the run with Stephanie Doyon (Northeastern) and Kathryn Aman (Dartmouth) nearly tied out of T2. Doyon would prevail with a 22:03 5k. Aman would finish in second in 1:15:19, followed by teammate Sonia Rowley in 1:15:24.

Dartmouth dominated the female team race with all 4 scoring women in the top 10. Katie Clayton finished in 7th, and Margaret Lane rounded out the scoring in 10th. West Point finished in second, and Northeastern took third.

Full results here

Female Individual

1. Stephanie Doyon (Northeastern)

2. Kathryn Aman (Dartmouth)

3. Sonia Rowley (Dartmouth)

Male Individual

1. Matthew Schiller (Columbia)

2. Nick Chatel (West Point)

3. Benjamin Deal (Columbia)

Female Team

1. Dartmouth 364

2. West Point 346

3. Northeastern 284

Male Team

1. West Point 360

2. Columbia 346

3. Northeastern 296

Combined Team

1. West Point 706

2. Dartmouth 590

3. Northeastern 580

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