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Champions Cemented at Westchester

The fall 2016 race season is in the books, and our champions have been crowned. This fall has been the most participated in season in NECTC history. We had 22 teams from across the Northeast compete, and over 250 athletes. Our championship was the largest single race since the NECTC was founded, and we are continuing to grow with new teams joining each year.

The Westchester Triathlon played host to the conference championship, and did not disappoint. Cool morning weather turned into the perfect race temperature by the time athletes hit the bike and run legs.

Male Swim Start


Starting off was the men’s race at 7AM. Jacob Slife (West Point), Andrew Keenan (Drexel), Matthew Schiller (Columbia) and Spencer Ralston (St. Mike’s) all exited the water within 20 seconds of each other, and left on the bike with an even narrower margin. On the bike course Slife was able to pull out an incredible 2 minute lead on his competitors. Ralston came into T2 with a slight lead over Keenan and Schiller. Early on in the run as the athletes looped back past transition, Ralston had cut into Slife’s lead by 20 seconds and put a minute gap on Keenan and Schiller. Slife however was able to prevent that gap from closing any further for the remainder of the race, and came in with a 90+ second gap. Ralston continued to open a gap on Keenan and Schiller to secure second. Schiller ran a 37:02 to complete the podium.

Male Overall Season Podium

With Ralston taking second, he cemented himself as the male Conference Champion. Keenan’s fourth place effort made him the Conference Runner Up. The duel between Jonathon Joyce (Drexel) and Dakota Greenblatt (UVM) for the final overall season podium slot was everything that makes collegiate racing great. Greenblatt took the lead out of the water by 29 seconds, and extended it over two minutes off the bike. However, Joyce had the 7th fastest run split of the day in 35:43 to complete the comeback, and secure 3rd in the overall season standings.

Male Overall Season Podium

  1. Spencer Ralston (St. Mike’s)

  2. Andrew Keenan (Drexel)

  3. Jonathon Joyce (Drexel)

The male team race had some expected results, and some major surprises. As suggested in the race preview, West Point prevailed by a substantial margin with 675 points. However, UMass was the unexpected story of the day with a second place finish with 520 points. Columbia wrapped up the podium in 3rd with 512 points. With this, West Point would declare themselves Overall Season Male Team Champions with 450 points this season. Northeastern was able to hold off Drexel on Sunday to take 2nd this season with 380 points, only 5 points better than Drexel who finished in third with 375 on the season.

Male Team Overall Season Podium

  1. West Point 450pts

  2. Northeastern 380pts

  3. Drexel 375pts


The female race started 5 minutes after the men. Right from the start some of your race favorites started strong. Teresa Groton (West Point) exited the water in first in 22:34. Stephanie Lie (BU) finished the first leg in 25:10, and Cecilia Davis-Hayes (Columbia) was able to stay in contact with a time of 25:46. Heading into the bike, it was clear the lead had not been drastic enough to keep Davis-Hayes out of 1st. Off the bike Davis-Hayes had already made the pass and extended to a lead of about 6 minutes. She extended that lead on the run and took the overall win by over 9 minutes in 2:17:01, as well as having the fastest time male or female on the famous Claire’s Climb. Groton extended her lead over third and was the runner-up in 2:26:08. Stephanie Lie rounded out the podium in a time of 2:38:52.

Lie’s third place finish makes her your 2016 Female Conference Champion, moving her up one spot after her runner-up performance in 2015. Lie finished the season with 480 points. Lindsay Fisher (Northeastern) was able to outduel Ariana Adler (UConn) to be your overall season runner-up with 458 points. Ariana Adler took the final podium spot with 44 points.

Female Overall Season Podium

  1. Stephanie Lie (Boston University)

  2. Lindsay Fisher (Northeastern)

  3. Ariana Adler (UConn)

Female Team Season Podium

The West Point ladies took the team victory with 708 points. UConn and Northeastern followed up in second and third with 608 points, and 540 points respectively. Despite the team victory by West Point this Sunday, UConn’s 2nd place finish was enough to crown them as your 2016 Female Team Champions with 465 points on the season. West Point finishes as the runner-up with 450 points, and Northeastern finished on the podium in 370 points.

Female Team Overall Season Podium

  1. UConn 465pts

  2. West point 450pts

  3. Northeastern 370pts


West Point’s male and female dominance continues as they secured the Combined Team Championship by winning their 4th race of the season. UConn wrapped up second on the season with 425 points, and Northeastern completed the podium with 420 points.

See the Westchester Results HERE

See the Overall Season Results HERE

Stay tuned for the end of season award winners!

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